15 Nov

Sea Creatures are Super Heroes – Narwhals See with Sound…Elephant Seals Sleep While they Dive …


Narwhals near Baffin Island, Canada

A recent study has found that Narwhals. Have an amazing ability to see with their Sonar. They use sound to develop an image of the ocean, which is especially helpful in the Arctic ocean. Where openings in the pack ice can be separated by miles.

Like any whale, the narwhal needs to surface to breathe — on average, every four to six minutes. But unlike most whales, narwhals spend all of their lives in extreme Arctic conditions, primarily in waters off Eastern Canada and Greenland, where there’s more darkness than light, and more ice than open sea. Somehow, this blubbery bundle finds its way to cracks in the ice to breathe. Somehow, it can also hunt for squid and dive down more than a mile into pitch black water to capture fish and other prey. – New York Times

Pretty amazing how they can navigate through the packs of ice with their sonar.  We love these ‘blubbery bundles’ and think they are some of the most amazing animals in the sea.

Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals catching some zzz

But these blubbery bundles aren’t the only amazing sea animals. Elephant seals also swim to great depths and use their amazing abilities to navigate dark waters. However, some studies have shown that Elephant seals actually fall asleep as they are diving depths up to 1000 feet (300 meters).

“[They] resemble a leaf that has dropped from a tree branch and is falling toward the ground, fluttering from side to side

These slow periods of aimless drifting suggest to the researchers that the seals are resting—and maybe even catching a few Zs.” – National Geographic

They fall to the depths like a falling leaf, but these blubbery bundles that sleep like babies as they drift. But what would wake them up at last? Probably hitting the ocean floor finally so they can find the creatures they love to prey on.

Batman, Superman… lets see if you can beat that. Well, maybe there’s one super hero that could hang with the blubbery bundles…