10 Mar

Kids and Nursery Room Design with MomLifeTV

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With a baby coming or if you just want to create a fun(er) room for your kids, there are tons of possibilities. You can create landscapes, shapes, their favorite characters, or all of the above if you want. We have worked with MomLifeTV.com to create a landscape design that can help create a fun scene for your kids wall that you can keep adding to over time. You can watch the full video here:



First, the kids themselves can be the artwork. We created footprints by pressing their feet into ink and placing on canvas frames:


Baby Footprint

Baby Foot Print


Next, we created a landscape by splitting the wall through the center with 2 different paints (lime green and sky blue). We then added Monster Letter characters and painted tree:


Nursery and Kids Room Landcape Wall Design

Nursery Room Landscape Design

The wall lettering adds fun characters to the landscape and are much better than standard boring alphabet that you see in classrooms.


There are many other possibilities so please send us your ideas!


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