06 Dec

New Dinosaur Kids Clothes!

That’s right… we have gone all prehistoric here at Narwall. Yes, our Monster Letters are a blast but we want to give it up to those “terrible lizards” that roamed our planet millions of years ago.

Let’s meet our new dino friends…

  • Brontosaurus – Brontosaurus name means ‘Thunder Lizard” Think about a big Brontosaur stomping around next storm that comes! This lizard has lumbered onto our Brontosaurus Tshirts:


  • Pterosaur – Pterosaurs are the earliest vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight. 1st flying dinosaurs, awesome! Here is a Pterosaur landing on one of our romper dinosaur onsies:

infant pterosaur onsie

  • Stegosaurus – They lived during the Late Jurassic period, some 155 to 150 million years ago in what is now western North America. You could dig one up in your backyard!infant onsie creeper stegosaurus
  • T-rex – While everyone thinks of trex as the ultimate predator, many scientists think they may have been actually been scavengers. Think of them as big racoons! Here is this colossal scavenger on our trex onsie:

t rex baby onsie

  • Triceratops – take a rino… add a frill and a couple more horns and you have this plant eating reptile. We even have a Triceratops bib:

triceratops baby bib

We have all these rascals available in a rainbow of colors on our T-shirts, hoodies, and kids and baby clothes.

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