06 Jan

Keeping up with Kids Fashion

When it comes to dressing up kids these days sometimes the latest fashion can help make a statement. Top Beauty and fashion blogger Melissa from Beaute’ and the Bee has expert advice on her blog and believes letting kids try out the new trends is a great way to put their creative minds to work.

Letting kids try out the new trends is a great way to put their creative minds to work – Melissa from Beaute’ and the Bee

From Snuggly winter coats to kids moccasins there a ton of options. You can go from “too cool for school”:

kids leather jacketto Serengeti that “all about the grades”..leopard outfitthe field is completely open. As kids preferences change the clothes can go from hot to not.

But to keep up with the changing demands, changing sizes, and changing seasons we store clothes categories in these handy containers by:

plastic container

  1. Sizes (1T, 2T, 3T, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  2. Season (Summer, Winter)
  3. and Type (shirts, pants, onsies)


This helps keep things organized, frees up closet space, and makes it easy to trade clothes with friends. If you have friends with older or younger kids then you can pass on or receive that next size up or down in a handy container. Or if you find that great outfit on sale that is 3 sizes too large, you can always keep stored ready for use when the time comes.

So now with winter in full swing you can break out that winter container and go to town. Just don’t go overboard….

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