06 Dec

#clotheswithoutlimits Gender Neutrality

Each day as my 4 and 6 year old daughters get up for school I try to think of a new way to motivate them to get ready quickly. But it became clear that it takes very little convincing them to support gender specific traits. Sort of like how we have to ask and encourage them to eat vegetables, but ice cream takes absolutely no effort.

girls should wear these…

  1. Long hair
  2. Long dresses
  3. Pink and purple
  4. Anything with princesses
  5. High heels and makeup
  6. Seashells on your chest (if you are a mermaid that day)

and boys should wear these…

  1. Whatever as long as its not 1-6 above
  2. Mechanical things like cars, trucks, or planes = ok

If my girls had a closet full of princess dresses, seashells and high heals mornings would probably be much quicker and easier, but there must be another way to help them out of the gender silo.

A new effort called #clotheswithoutlimits is helping to bring together parents to develop more clothing options for kids that avoid gender stereotypes. Kelly Wallace from CNN developed a great summary of the #clotheswithoutlimits effort and there are tons of new stores that have fun gender neutral clothing (that kids actually like).

and Narwall is proud to support #clotheswithoutlimits with our gender-less monster letters designs on our kids t-shirts and hoodies as well as our NEW line of gender neutral dinosaur shirts and baby clothing. Our recently launched  dinosaur designs are perfect for kids. Not girls or boys. Just kids…


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