18 Apr

Why we love Etsy

Narwall Etsy Shop

Etsy is a one of the top destinations for custom products from artists all over the globe. From handmade jewelry to custom furniture you can find tons of unique items. We have now launched our Narwall home decor store on Etsy and we are absolutely love the shoppers. Our dinosaur wall art set is also now available here as well as our sea creatures .  These are great additions to kids and nursery rooms, but Etsy users are also showing us some creative ways that our decals are being used.

Our Octopus design has been used as a decal on a boat! There is a lake in Michigan that is now cruising around with a Narwall design. We are also seeing some adults using our Jellyfish wall art as a creative design for their living space.

We are really excited to see more ideas that Etsy customers come up with and are proud to have our designs and storefront available in such a great marketplace.