15 Oct

Sea Creatures for your wall are here!

sea creatures

Narwall loves the sea and we have been hard at work creating our newest designs of wall art. We had a blast decorating an underwater themed nursery with these sea creatures wall decals. Lets meet them…

Hammerhead Shark – this shark loves hanging out in schools and eating fish, but is right at home on your wall:

hammerhead shark








Jellyfish – meanders through the ocean with gelatinous tentacles but really pops in your room:


Octopus – the cephalopod mollusc that also like solving problems with its 8 tentacles:


Squid – also a cephalopod who swims straight from the depths:


Stingray – this flying wing glides through the ocean:


These sea animals are making their way strait from the ocean to kids rooms everywhere. They can be placed on walls, doors, cabinets or wherever you want to bring vivid ocean life to your kids. Feel free to give us a shout and let us know which one is your favorite!