18 Apr

Why we love Etsy

Narwall Etsy Shop

Etsy is a one of the top destinations for custom products from artists all over the globe. From handmade jewelry to custom furniture you can find tons of unique items. We have now launched our Narwall home decor store on Etsy and we are absolutely love the shoppers. Our dinosaur wall art set is also now available here as well as our sea creatures .  These are great additions to kids and nursery rooms, but Etsy users are also showing us some creative ways that our decals are being used.

Our Octopus design has been used as a decal on a boat! There is a lake in Michigan that is now cruising around with a Narwall design. We are also seeing some adults using our Jellyfish wall art as a creative design for their living space.

We are really excited to see more ideas that Etsy customers come up with and are proud to have our designs and storefront available in such a great marketplace.

15 Nov

Sea Creatures are Super Heroes – Narwhals See with Sound…Elephant Seals Sleep While they Dive …


Narwhals near Baffin Island, Canada

A recent study has found that Narwhals. Have an amazing ability to see with their Sonar. They use sound to develop an image of the ocean, which is especially helpful in the Arctic ocean. Where openings in the pack ice can be separated by miles.

Like any whale, the narwhal needs to surface to breathe — on average, every four to six minutes. But unlike most whales, narwhals spend all of their lives in extreme Arctic conditions, primarily in waters off Eastern Canada and Greenland, where there’s more darkness than light, and more ice than open sea. Somehow, this blubbery bundle finds its way to cracks in the ice to breathe. Somehow, it can also hunt for squid and dive down more than a mile into pitch black water to capture fish and other prey. – New York Times

Pretty amazing how they can navigate through the packs of ice with their sonar.  We love these ‘blubbery bundles’ and think they are some of the most amazing animals in the sea.

Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals catching some zzz

But these blubbery bundles aren’t the only amazing sea animals. Elephant seals also swim to great depths and use their amazing abilities to navigate dark waters. However, some studies have shown that Elephant seals actually fall asleep as they are diving depths up to 1000 feet (300 meters).

“[They] resemble a leaf that has dropped from a tree branch and is falling toward the ground, fluttering from side to side

These slow periods of aimless drifting suggest to the researchers that the seals are resting—and maybe even catching a few Zs.” – National Geographic

They fall to the depths like a falling leaf, but these blubbery bundles that sleep like babies as they drift. But what would wake them up at last? Probably hitting the ocean floor finally so they can find the creatures they love to prey on.

Batman, Superman… lets see if you can beat that. Well, maybe there’s one super hero that could hang with the blubbery bundles…



15 Oct

Sea Creatures for your wall are here!

sea creatures

Narwall loves the sea and we have been hard at work creating our newest designs of wall art. We had a blast decorating an underwater themed nursery with these sea creatures wall decals. Lets meet them…

Hammerhead Shark – this shark loves hanging out in schools and eating fish, but is right at home on your wall:

hammerhead shark








Jellyfish – meanders through the ocean with gelatinous tentacles but really pops in your room:


Octopus – the cephalopod mollusc that also like solving problems with its 8 tentacles:


Squid – also a cephalopod who swims straight from the depths:


Stingray – this flying wing glides through the ocean:


These sea animals are making their way strait from the ocean to kids rooms everywhere. They can be placed on walls, doors, cabinets or wherever you want to bring vivid ocean life to your kids. Feel free to give us a shout and let us know which one is your favorite!

17 Sep

Dinosaurs have arrived on our Walls!

Narwall Dinosaur Wall Art

Narwall dinosaur wall art designs are now available in vivid wall art graphics. The Narwall team had a lot of fun creating these. They include Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus and Brontosaurus designs that can be positioned on your kids wall, door, or almost any flat surface.

We put them up on our daughter’s wall and they fit in perfectly against the two-tone paint landscape. The Pteranodon is free to fly above while the grazing dinosaurs can munch away across the land. Our T-rex is a friendly companion among the group. Which one was her favorite? Brontosaurus. She loves the tall tree eaters…


Narwall Dinosaur Room Design

06 Jan

Keeping up with Kids Fashion

When it comes to dressing up kids these days sometimes the latest fashion can help make a statement. Top Beauty and fashion blogger Melissa from Beaute’ and the Bee has expert advice on her blog and believes letting kids try out the new trends is a great way to put their creative minds to work.

Letting kids try out the new trends is a great way to put their creative minds to work – Melissa from Beaute’ and the Bee

From Snuggly winter coats to kids moccasins there a ton of options. You can go from “too cool for school”:

kids leather jacketto Serengeti that “all about the grades”..leopard outfitthe field is completely open. As kids preferences change the clothes can go from hot to not.

But to keep up with the changing demands, changing sizes, and changing seasons we store clothes categories in these handy containers by:

plastic container

  1. Sizes (1T, 2T, 3T, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  2. Season (Summer, Winter)
  3. and Type (shirts, pants, onsies)


This helps keep things organized, frees up closet space, and makes it easy to trade clothes with friends. If you have friends with older or younger kids then you can pass on or receive that next size up or down in a handy container. Or if you find that great outfit on sale that is 3 sizes too large, you can always keep stored ready for use when the time comes.

So now with winter in full swing you can break out that winter container and go to town. Just don’t go overboard….

The Christmas Story

06 Dec

New Dinosaur Kids Clothes!

That’s right… we have gone all prehistoric here at Narwall. Yes, our Monster Letters are a blast but we want to give it up to those “terrible lizards” that roamed our planet millions of years ago.

Let’s meet our new dino friends…

  • Brontosaurus – Brontosaurus name means ‘Thunder Lizard” Think about a big Brontosaur stomping around next storm that comes! This lizard has lumbered onto our Brontosaurus Tshirts:


  • Pterosaur – Pterosaurs are the earliest vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight. 1st flying dinosaurs, awesome! Here is a Pterosaur landing on one of our romper dinosaur onsies:

infant pterosaur onsie

  • Stegosaurus – They lived during the Late Jurassic period, some 155 to 150 million years ago in what is now western North America. You could dig one up in your backyard!infant onsie creeper stegosaurus
  • T-rex – While everyone thinks of trex as the ultimate predator, many scientists think they may have been actually been scavengers. Think of them as big racoons! Here is this colossal scavenger on our trex onsie:

t rex baby onsie

  • Triceratops – take a rino… add a frill and a couple more horns and you have this plant eating reptile. We even have a Triceratops bib:

triceratops baby bib

We have all these rascals available in a rainbow of colors on our T-shirts, hoodies, and kids and baby clothes.

06 Dec

#clotheswithoutlimits Gender Neutrality

Each day as my 4 and 6 year old daughters get up for school I try to think of a new way to motivate them to get ready quickly. But it became clear that it takes very little convincing them to support gender specific traits. Sort of like how we have to ask and encourage them to eat vegetables, but ice cream takes absolutely no effort.

girls should wear these…

  1. Long hair
  2. Long dresses
  3. Pink and purple
  4. Anything with princesses
  5. High heels and makeup
  6. Seashells on your chest (if you are a mermaid that day)

and boys should wear these…

  1. Whatever as long as its not 1-6 above
  2. Mechanical things like cars, trucks, or planes = ok

If my girls had a closet full of princess dresses, seashells and high heals mornings would probably be much quicker and easier, but there must be another way to help them out of the gender silo.

A new effort called #clotheswithoutlimits is helping to bring together parents to develop more clothing options for kids that avoid gender stereotypes. Kelly Wallace from CNN developed a great summary of the #clotheswithoutlimits effort and there are tons of new stores that have fun gender neutral clothing (that kids actually like).

and Narwall is proud to support #clotheswithoutlimits with our gender-less monster letters designs on our kids t-shirts and hoodies as well as our NEW line of gender neutral dinosaur shirts and baby clothing. Our recently launched  dinosaur designs are perfect for kids. Not girls or boys. Just kids…